Are you renting road plates but don't have time to clean them after use before returning them? No problem. Our cleaning service provides efficient and thorough cleaning of these road plates, ensuring they are returned in optimal condition for reuse. This saves you time and effort, and guarantees clean and ready-to-use road plates for your next rental.


Clean road plates ensure a safe work environment


Clean road plates enhance workplace safety by reducing the risk of slipping and accidents, as dirt residue can cause slippery surfaces. Additionally, clean plates improve visibility and marking, which contributes to a safer and more efficient work environment.

Prevention of environmental pollution

In addition to safety, clean road plates contribute to a longer lifespan of the material by preventing damage and wear caused by dirt and chemicals. Moreover, cleaning road plates enhances the aesthetic appearance of the work site and prevents potential environmental pollution by avoiding the spread of harmful substances.


We always agree on the prices for cleaning road plates before the rental period begins. For more information, please contact us; we are at your service.

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