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Various types of second-choice beam steel such as H, I, and U profiles are available from stock.

Available in various lengths and dimensions.

Why choose second-choice steel beams? 

Second-choice steel beams offer a cost-effective solution for projects in the construction, road, and water sectors. While second-choice steel beams may have minor cosmetic imperfections, they still retain the structural integrity and functional properties necessary for these demanding applications. They are ideal for supporting structures, scaffolding, fencing, and more, where aesthetics are less important than durability and performance. We also offer first-choice steel beams through our sister company, Heuvelman Staal.


Our services

At Dynamostaal, we offer a wide range of second-choice steel beam products suitable for the construction, road, and water sectors. Our beams are carefully selected to ensure they meet the requirements of your project. Whether you are looking for H-profiles, U-profiles, or I-profiles, we have the right beams for your specific needs.

At Dynamostaal, we understand that efficiency and cost control are crucial in the construction sector. That is why we strive to offer second-choice steel beam products at competitive prices, allowing you to complete your project within budget without compromising on quality.


Purchase and Buy-Back

Whether you have a small project that requires just a few beams or a large-scale project requiring large quantities of steel beams, Dynamostaal offers a variety of options. Our flexible services enable you to obtain the beams you need, precisely when you need them. We also offer the option to buy back the steel beams after your project is completed.


Why choose us?

At Dynamostaal, we strive for the highest customer satisfaction. With our flexible services, clear communication, and reliable delivery, we ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Additionally, we can supply road plates, dragline mats, and construction fences directly from stock for your project. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover why more and more customers are choosing Dynamostaal.

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